Victorian Algebra Group

The Victorian Algebra Group is now known as the Australian Algebra Group.

This page is no longer maintained. Please go to the homepage of the Australian Algebra Group.

Executive of the Victorian Algebra Group

The current Executive Committee of the Victorian Algebra Group is

    • President: Dr Lawrence Reeves (University of Melbourne)

    • Secretary: Dr Asha Rao (RMIT University)

    • Treasurer: Dr Marcel Jackson (La Trobe University)

History of the Victorian Algebra Group

The Victorian Algebra Group has been an official special-interest group of the Australian Mathematical Society since 1988.

The Victorian Algebra Group grew out of the Annual Algebra Conference of Victoria, which had been held since 19831 (with a prequel in 1982). Those conferences took advantage of the large number of mathematicians in Victoria who could claim some algebraic flavour to their work. The intention was to aid these mathematicians and their students to meet each other and discuss their research. Despite the metropolitan universities being located within an hour's travel of each other, and running regular seminar series, there was in practice very little local communication between Victorian algebraists. The Algebra Conferences were run informally, with the venue rotating through La Trobe, Melbourne and Monash Universities and the host university absorbing costs. For this reason they were run on a shoestring, with no registration fees and registrants usually organising their own travel and accommodation.

At the fifth Annual ACV, held at Monash University in 1987, it was agreed that RMIT would join the group as host university for 1988. Gordon Preston asked Kathy Horadam to investigate what avenues for funding support were available to the group from AustMS, with a view to formalising its activities. He felt we were established enough to qualify for Special Interest Group status and further, with an algebraist (Tom Hall) serving on the AustMS Council, would have support from the Society. An application for Special Interest Group status was duly prepared by Kathy and presented to the Secretary of the Society, Walter Bloom, for consideration at the 65th meeting of the Council of the Australian Mathematical Society2. It apparently passed without dissent and on 30 May 1988 Walter informed us the request was approved3 4.

The interim Executive Committee of the fledgeling SIG were Kathy Horadam (Chair), Peter Higgins (Secretary), Graham Clarke (Treasurer) from RMIT, Brian Davey from LaTrobe, Tom Hall and Hans Lausch from Monash, and Chuck Miller from Melbourne5.

In keeping with the informal nature of the early meetings, the formal structure has remained very lightweight, with an Executive Committee of minimum size mandated by Council and organisation run by email except for the Annual General Meeting, which is typically held during the ACV (now called the VAC–Victorian Algebra Conference). Running the VAC is the principal work of the VAG, which receives a small sum annually from AustMS to assist it.

Some documents related to the formation of the Victorian Algebra Group are attached below.